Remember Dates and Figures

Here are some links to check how to write dates properly

Here is a similar practice regarding PRICES

And Finally, a small listening exercise referring to times

Culture Shock: Amazing Hotels

In this topic, we write about incredible hotels. How many of them do you know?

Present Perfect Review

Here is a small video explanation of the present perfect

 And here, you can work on the differences between past simple and present perfect

 now go to Kahoot and perform the following test

Do you want more? Try with this music cloze test

Around the City Vocabulary Crossword

Find the Missing Words

Going to video work

Before listening

What is the purpose of "going to"
What do you expect from this video?

After Listening
Write down five sentences about what you are going to do in the summer. Use "going to"

Culture: Life in Korea

South Korea: a day in the life
Before Listening:
Where is Korea, what do you know about it?
How do you think is the life of this girl

After Listening
Do you think the girl is happy?
Did you watch something unexpected

Kahoot Dinner Diva Quiz Link

Modal Verbs Review

Basic Uses

Modal Verbs Race